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Daisy Flower Hair Clips

daisy flower hair clips

    hair clips
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  • any of numerous composite plants having flower heads with well-developed ray flowers usually arranged in a single whorl

  • "Daisy," sometimes known as "Daisy Girl" or "Peace, Little Girl," was a controversial campaign television advertisement. Though aired only once (by the campaign), during a September 7, 1964, telecast of David and Bathsheba on The NBC Monday Movie, it was a factor in President Lyndon B.

  • Used in names of other plants of this family with similar flowers, e.g., Michaelmas daisy, Shasta daisy

  • Daisy is the fourth studio album by American alternative rock band Brand New, released September 22, 2009 on Interscope Records.

Giobaby Pink on Pink Happy Flower Hair Clips

Giobaby Pink on Pink Happy Flower Hair Clips

Giobaby Pink on Pink Happy Flower Clips are unique and adorable made with non toxic cold porcelain handmade bead and designed with attention to detail.
The bead is securely attached to a felt flower applique with 3/8" premium grosgrain ribbon lined to a 1.75" alligator clip and all ends have been sealed to prevent fraying.
All my clips are no slip.

Daisy Clips

Daisy Clips

I'm so in love with the purple daisy clip, it is so cute in person as well as the other ones. They measure between 3 to 4 inches. These are very popular.

daisy flower hair clips

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Mini flower pots favors - How to plant flowers in a planter.

Mini Flower Pots Favors

mini flower pots favors

    flower pots
  • (Flower-pot) A flower pot or plant pot is a container (such as a pot) in which flowers and other plants are cultivated. Historically, and still to a significant extent today, they are made from terra cotta.

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Flower Pot Close-up

Flower Pot Close-up

10/2010: The flower pot was cake covered in fondant, airbrushed and then given an edible image seed packet and oreo cookie dirt. The Plumeria and Ranunculus were gumpaste.

One of the Lovely Mini Flowers Given as a Favour

One of the Lovely Mini Flowers Given as a Favour

The little flowers given as favours were potted in individual little silver buckets and doubled as a place for the name cards.

mini flower pots favors

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