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Free Flower Delivery

free flower delivery

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free flower delivery - Flowers by

Flowers by 1800Flowers - Elegant Wishes - Large

Flowers by 1800Flowers - Elegant Wishes - Large

Whatever they're wanting, hoping, dreaming each of these hand-selected flowers -- roses, Gerberas, lilies, alstroemeria and rice flowers -- combines to fulfill their wish to have fresh flowers delivered to the door. Hand-gathered arrangement of roses, lilies, Gerbera daisies, alstroemeria, rice flowers and variegated pittosporum Artistically designed in a stylish green glass gathering vase; measures 8"H Large arrangement measures approximately 20"H x 16"W Medium arrangement measures approximately 19"H x 14"W Small arrangement measures approximately 17"H x 12"W Our florists select the freshest flowers available so floral colors and varieties may vary Lilies may arrive in bud form and will open to full beauty over the next 2-3 days

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If you see our daisy car in traffic, you'll know instantly it belongs to a Tulsa florist. Following it back to our shop might be a wandering trip though, as it is sometimes enroute to a flower delivery.

Flower Express Longview
9415 E 31st Street, Tulsa, OK 74145
Tulsa Flower Delivery: 918-895-4945

Website: Flower Express Longview

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Florists in Dublin providing Stunning arrangements, Dublin Florist. Send flowers, FREE same day Dublin Delivery. Design your own bouquet or modify ours to suit your needs, balloons, chocolates, cards

free flower delivery

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Mini flower pots favors - How to plant flowers in a planter.

Mini Flower Pots Favors

mini flower pots favors

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Flower Pot Close-up

Flower Pot Close-up

10/2010: The flower pot was cake covered in fondant, airbrushed and then given an edible image seed packet and oreo cookie dirt. The Plumeria and Ranunculus were gumpaste.

One of the Lovely Mini Flowers Given as a Favour

One of the Lovely Mini Flowers Given as a Favour

The little flowers given as favours were potted in individual little silver buckets and doubled as a place for the name cards.

mini flower pots favors

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Single Calla Lily Bouquet

single calla lily bouquet

    calla lily
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Calla Lillies 1

Calla Lillies 1

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share these images of my Calla Lillies in my back yard.

The calla lily is a beautiful and majestic flower that gardeners love to grow and wedding planners love to use. It is a trumpet-shaped flower with large leaves, making it predominant in a bouquet. The calla lily is popular with painters because of its appealing and elegant shape. Home designers love its simplicity. A single calla lily placed in a long stem vase is a favorite of home decor.

Calla lilies are grown from rhizomes. Once planted, the rhizomes will multiply producing the trumpet-shaped flower that gardeners love. The calla lily is not really a lily or a calla. It is part of the zantedeschia genus and is native to Southern Africa. It is a hardy flower that grows easily in most soils as long as the climate is humid. The calla lily is also an excellent plant for the home.

Like most flowers, the calla lily has a symbolic meaning. It is, ironically, associated with both weddings and funerals. The calla lily is symbolic of marriage and purity because of its white color and its trumpet-like shape, similar to a woman's shape. It is also the symbol of rebirth and resurrection.

The calla lily's common color is white, but it is available in any color such as yellow, red, burgundy, pink, orange and even a purple/black combination. When calla lilies are used in weddings, the usual choice is white because of its elegant look and symbolism of purity. A bouquet of calla lilies is majestic; add roses and it creates a stunning contrast. Because of the calla lily's popularity, it is easy to build a wedding theme around it. Accessories touting the calla lily are plentiful.

I hope you enjoy the photography and the beautiful flowers.


A Look Back

A Look Back

A fun throw back to the 80's these long single stem calla lilies were criss-cross wrapped in black ribbon, matching the pattern on the bridesmaids' dresses.

single calla lily bouquet

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Wedding Silk Floral Arrangements

wedding silk floral arrangements

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Wedding Fun Version 1

Wedding Fun Version 1

My dear brother, Andrew, acted as wedding photographer for the majority of the wedding ceremony that Mika and I had on the weekend, and I am quite pleased with his skillz.

Mika used to practice floral arrangement in Japan, which is apparently a much more popular thing to do there than here, and she made both her bouquet and my bouttonier.

She also made her own necklace and earrings a couple of weekends ago, she's SO talented!

The handsome groom giving the beautiful bride a kiss at Panorama Park in Deep Cove, North Vancouver, BC.

White, Purple and Lavender Silk Rose Wedding Cake Topper

White, Purple and Lavender Silk Rose Wedding Cake Topper

This beautiful, elegant wedding cake topper is made from an assortment of silk roses! The three primary colors used are white, purple and lavender. Cute white spray triplets accent topper and add to its depth.

The arrangement measures 9 inches in diameter at its widest point. The base consists of a small Styrofoam dome with a non-toxic foam layer meant to rest directly on your cake.

wedding silk floral arrangements

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